The Facilitator Training Correspondence Course consists of 10 lessons based on Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ.  It is available at no charge to anyone interested in facilitating a group meeting.

This course:

  • Will help you evaluate how well you know the material and have applied it to your life
  • Will help you be prepared for a few questions of an antagonistic nature should they come up in your group
  • Contains additional teaching notes and scriptures you may find helpful as you prepare for your group meeting

Before you attempt to facilitate a group, we highly recommend:

  • 1 year of sobriety
  • You have completed one of the following:  another 12 Step study or our Student Correspondence Course
  • You have completed the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course

You may begin this course in two ways:

  • Submit a written request to:  Christian 12 Step Ministry, PO Box 4321, Ocala, FL 34478-4321.  You will need our study guide for this course.  You may include either $15.25 for one copy of Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ or $25.00 for The Facilitator Guide which includes one copy of Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ.
  • If you have already ordered Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ or The Facilitator Guide (which includes one study guide), you may email to request this course.

Upon the receipt of your written request, the study guide and the first lesson will be mailed to you. Complete this lesson and return it to us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Your lesson will be reviewed and comments may be added that will assist you as you prepare to lead a group. We will then return it to you along with the next lesson. Each lesson should be submitted with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Upon the completion of this course, we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion.

For additional information regarding group facilitation and frequently asked questions please visit Group Leaders & Facilitators.