What is a Group Leader/Facilitator?

A Group Leader/Facilitator is simply someone who makes the material in the study guide, “Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ,” easy to understand and apply. The Group Leader/Facilitator does not have to feel as though they are an expert in the material, nor do they need a degree of any type. However, they should take the time needed to fully familiarize themselves with the material in the study guide in order to be able to effectively present it to others.

What is involved in leading/facilitating a group?

  • Prayer: It is very important to continuously pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit, for your heart, and for the hearts of those who will participate.
  • An unconditional love for people: It is important to remember that we are all sinners saved by God’s grace. We have all made choices based on the way we reason. There are many factors that have contributed to the way we have learned to reason. We must guard ourselves against judging others harshly.
  • Time: You will need time to prepare the material for each meeting. You may possibly need time to prepare or set up the room where you will hold the meeting. You will need the time to hold the meeting, 1 ½ to 2 hours is recommended. Groups can meet for as little as 12 weeks or for as long as you and/or the group decide.
  • Meeting time and place: You will need to establish a meeting time and place.
  • Study Guides: You will need to obtain study guides to have on hand for those who attend.
  • Training: It would be helpful for you to either: attend a training meeting, be in the process of completing the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course, or have completed the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course.

Please note: If you desire to lead/facilitate a group within a jail or prison, approval will need to be obtained through that jail or prison. Our office will assist you with this process.

How do you lead/facilitate a group?

There is no right or wrong way of leading a group as long as the material is covered. Flexibility is encouraged. The study guide is a very powerful tool. It thoroughly explains the 12 Steps, Biblical principles we need to follow to be set free from the habits that keep us in bondage, and exercises such as visualized prayer and journaling which will help make your walk with Christ more intimate and tangible. As a leader/facilitator, you want to be sure that the many truths contained in this study are planted into the hearts of your participants. We have a Teacher Organization Manual as well as a Group Starter Kit to assist you.

Leader/Facilitator Training

Training is offered periodically at a location near our office. However, a Facilitator Training Correspondence Course is recommended and available. This course consists of 10 lessons based on the same study guide, “Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ.” To begin this course, you may either contact our office at (352) 732-0877 or submit a request in writing to Christian 12 Step Ministry, PO Box 4321, Ocala, FL 34478-4321. Upon the receipt of your request the first lesson will be mailed to you to be completed at your convenience. Once completed, please return it to us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Your lesson will be reviewed and comments may be added that will be helpful to you as a group leader/facilitator. It will then be returned to you with the next lesson. All lessons returned to our office for review should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return to you. Upon the review of the final lesson of the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. Please see Facilitator Training Correspondence Course for more information about this course.

How do I take the first steps toward leading a group?

Please contact our office at (352) 732-0877 for information to get a group started.