What is a Group Facilitator?

A Group Facilitator is someone who makes Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ easy to understand and apply.  A facilitator should also understand how to help group members complete The 12 Steps.

What if I want to facilitate within my church, a correctional facility, or other organization?

Always obtain permission from any leadership structure before starting a group.  Always follow any direction you receive from your leadership.  When hoping to facilitate within a correctional facility, volunteer approval will need to be obtained through that facility.

What if I just want to use Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ as a small group Bible study?

You are free to use Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ as a small group Bible study.  If leading a small group in a church setting, we encourage you to follow any direction from your leadership.

What is involved in facilitating a group?

  • Prayer – Continuously pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit, for your heart, and for the hearts of those who will participate.
  • An unconditional love for people – We are all sinners saved by God’s grace. We have all made choices based on the way we learned to reason; many factors contribute to how we reason.  Guard against judging others.
  • Time – You will need time to prepare the material for each meeting, time to prepare/set up the room where you will meet, and time to hold the meeting (1 ½ to 2 hours is recommended). Groups can meet for as little as 12 weeks or for as long as you and/or the group decide.
  • Meeting time/place – You will need to select a meeting time and place.
  • Study Guides – You will need to have study guides on hand for those who attend.

How do I facilitate a group?

There is no right or wrong way of leading a group as long as Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ is covered. Our Facilitator Guide is easy-to-follow and has been designed to take the guesswork out of how to prepare for a group meeting.  To read about its contents click here.

What about Facilitator Training?

Training is offered periodically at a location near our office.    Those interested in training should complete:

  • 1 year of sobriety
  • One of the following:  another 12 Step study or our Student Correspondence Course
  • Our Facilitator Training Correspondence Course.  This course consists of 10 lessons based on Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ, teaching notes and additional scriptures.  Click here for information about how to start this course.

When feasible, we are willing to travel to your church or other location to provide training for a group of individuals interested in facilitating.  We still encourage the completion of the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course to acquaint you with our material.

How do I have my group listed on your website?

Effective April 2018, in order to have your group listed on our website we require:

  1. 1 year of sobriety
  2. You have completed one of the following:  another 12 Step study or our Student Correspondence Course
  3. You have completed the Facilitator Training Correspondence Course
  4. You have provided a Letter of Recommendation from a pastor, counselor, or someone in law enforcement; someone who can attest to your group leadership skills and/or your oversight

What if I need more information about starting a group?

Please email renee@christian12step.org or contact our office at (352) 732-0877.  We are happy to assist in any way.