Social Services of all kinds are buckling under the tremendous burden of needs created by those struggling in addiction.  To read about the effects of drug addiction on society click here:

Recovery from addiction of any kind can be a long and winding road.  Sobriety and sanity can be deeply desired one minute and tragically elusive in the next.  For most, the battle is extremely difficult enduring bottom after bottom experience.  For many, they actually lose their battle to death.

So how does Christian 12 Step Ministry come alongside of those who are battle weary and seeking hope?

Believing that a compassionate, loving God is always pursuing us with the power we need to overcome through a relationship with Him:

  1. We make our Christ-centered recovery study guide available for free to anyone incarcerated anywhere.
  2. We have an accompanying Student Correspondence Course available for free for those desiring deeper study.
  3. We have a free Facilitator’s Training Correspondence Course available for those interested in facilitating groups.
  4. We have a Facilitator’s Guide that has taken most of the work out of preparing for a group.
  5. We are available at no charge to meet with and help guide those seeking recovery.
  6. We are happy to meet at no charge with family members or friends of struggling addicts to encourage or help guide them as well.
  7. We love sharing options for recovery services and treatment in the Marion County area.
  8. Our study materials are available to anyone.  However, materials are only free for those incarcerated at this time.
  9. We are happy to speak with members of churches about starting recovery group meetings.
  10. We love praying with people and telling them about the hope they have through Jesus Christ.  Every moment is a chance to begin again.

Why should you support us?

  1. Every gift is 100% tax deductible.
  2. Our ministry is 100% debt free.  Your gifts are fully funding materials for those incarcerated and our daily operating expenses.
  3. Through the gospel message we share, we help others become secure in an eternity with God.
  4. Mental health and substance abuse providers are looking for ways to bridge the gap between traditional therapies and faith.
  5. There is no limit to how an all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing and loving God may act on behalf of one who truly becomes surrendered to Him.

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Thank you so much for your consideration.  We cannot do what we do without generous supporters like you.